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assembly and disassembly of office furniture

Office furniture assembly and dismantling is one of the main services we offer at Floresma del Sur. We specialise in assembling all types of office furniture, from desks and chairs to shelving and filing cabinets.

Our team of professionals have extensive experience in office furniture assembly and are highly trained to handle any type of furniture and configuration. We use high quality tools and equipment to ensure safe and durable assembly.

In addition, we offer office furniture disassembly services when office furniture needs to be moved or disposed of. Our team also disassembles furniture safely and carefully to prevent damage and ensure that it can be reassembled in its new location.

At Floresma del Sur, we strive to provide a fast, efficient service so that your furniture is ready for use in the shortest possible time. We also ensure that we follow all safety regulations and meet quality standards in all our work. If you are interested in our office furniture assembly and dismantling services, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.